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Day 26 Khao Lak, Phuket, Bangkok and London

Sunday 25th November 2012

overcast 32 °C

We woke to lovely blue skies and managed to have a last swim in the pool and I had a quick walk to the beach before the taxi arrived to take us to Phuket Airport. We said goodbye to the hotel owners Marcus and Bruno. The journey to the airport was much nicer than we had anticipated as when we arrived in the dark we seemed to go through just a series of rather unprepossessing towns but in fact the countryside was quite lovely with hills covered with banana and palm trees. There were also rubber plantations which were obviously in use as each tree had its own collecting cup. The trees themselves are very disappointing. They are rather spindly and not at all what I had expected.
We queue to get into Phuket airport and then join a long queue to check in. Two jumbos within half an hour of each other are bound for Bangkok and the airport simply can't cope. The plane is packed and lunch is a sort of spicy chicken roll. Tony loves it - it reminds him of his beloved Ginster pies that he never gets to eat anymore. Well that's what he tells me. There are good views over Phangan bay but then it gets cloudy until we get to Bangkok.
Bangkok airport is absolutely vast and there are hoards of people everywhere. It is very spread out, noisy and busy and we have an eight hour wait for our plane back to the UK. We leave our bags at left luggage and try to find somewhere quiet to sit. This proves impossible but we do find a massage place offering one hour feet and shoulder massages! This proves to be too tempting so that kills one hour of the eight! We then wander past the various food outlets and finally choose one that has fairly comfortable looking seats but our idea of killing a couple of hours or so here proves impossible as we are served very quickly and given our bill and it is obvious they would like us to go. We found a couple of hard seats in a long corridor but after a bit I went up to departures on the 4th floor. Incredibly it is even busier here - for some reason loads of people have several huge Samsung flat screen televisions sets each amongst their luggage. Surely they must have to pay a huge penalty which must negate any saving. Anyway the good news is we are allowed to book in four hours before the flight which is not until half past midnight. We had high hopes we would be able to find a nice quiet corner. Honestly we literally walked miles through designer shops, duty free shops and a few fast food outlets but eventually we found a few soft chairs tucked away in a corner by the toilets and bought a screw top bottle of wine and helped ourselves to a couple of plastic cups and stayed just being quiet until our flight was called.
Sadly for us we ended up sitting on the runway for two hours as the automatic refuelling system had broken down and it had to be done manually. Eventually we took off and had our meal at 3am. The rest of the flight seemed to go really slowly but I spent part of it flicking through our photos and looking back it really was a fabulous holiday.

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Day 25 Khao Lak

Saturday 24th November 2012

storm 32 °C

We woke to blue skies and it actually felt less humid but in fact later in the after noon we had a massive thunderstorm so we were unable to go to our favourite place on the beach for supper but took a taxi into the town instead. It was such a shame as we had been looking forward to our final sunset. Still we were able to swim and have our last massage before the rains arrived. We had a nice meal at Mali where they had a proper roof. We can't believe this is the last time we will sleep in the wonderful king size bed with the best Egyptian cotton sheets ever.

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Day 24 Khao Lak

Friday 23 November 2012


This hotel is amazing. It is so clean - even Grandmaman would approve! The floors in our room are white shiny porcelain but they are always immaculate. The cleaners (who are all burmese) have slippers with polishers on the bottom. I remember Grandmaman wanted us to use the same. The well trained German guests all leave their shoes outside their rooms and put on slippers provided by the hotel! We have started doing the same. They have thought of everything and it has made these last few days perfect. We have enjoyed sitting in the lounge playing cards (there is a special felt mat for the table). We could also play chess (again on a special table) and backgammon.
We have managed to keep to our routine so far without any problems! We have discovered a lovely restaurant on the beach that serves the best green papaya salad with prawns of the whole trip. It is amazing the quality of the food that comes out of these very simple wooden huts.F15D287F2219AC6817CABE6EBDF48280.jpgF1AC18E82219AC681760DA276D7C9D1F.jpg

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Day 23 Khao Lak

Thursday 22nd November 2012

sunny 32 °C

Today was a beautiful day. I realised on re reading yesterday's blog that I hadn't really mentioned Tony. He is fine but walking is not easy for him so we have decided that when I go for an explore it is best if I go by myself but he is having a great time and is enjoying swimming in the pool and relaxing on the loungers and can walk without too much pain to the restaurants on the beach. My legs are still complaining slightly from all the walking on sand so I didnt go anywhere today. In fact we have settled into quite a nice routine - leisurely breakfast on the terrace then reading and swimming before walking to the beach for a massage followed by a fresh coconut water and perhaps a snack. Swimming again followed by catching up on games and more reading and then meal on the beach. Perfect! I think we will stick to this for our final couple of days. It is going to be tough! Actually another triumph - I beat Tony at cards again tonight. There was another wonderful sunset and we had our most delicious meal yet. We didn't actually have the blue marlin but it made for a good photo.

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Day 22 Khao Lak

Wednesday 21 Novembr 2012

semi-overcast 32 °C

Good news! We had no rain today. We even glimpsed a bit of blue sky. Actually I now feel rather guilty saying this having seen the terrible weather conditions in the West Country. After breakfast I crossed the river that runs to the side of the hotel and walked down the other beach to a headland - another two hour plus walk. I should be feeling fitter but walking on the sand is hard work and my legs really ache. Tony has had a nice morning catching up on his games. We then went for a swim in the pool. Our hotel is very nice and quiet with never more than three or four couples round the pool. Apart from another British couple everyone in this hotel, in fact, I would say in this whole area appears to be German! After our swim we go to have a massage on the beach. It proves to be the most wonderful way to relax listening to the waves breaking on the beach while being pummelled. We then have a light snack and a fresh coconut each. I think here in Thailand they have been even nicer than in Sri Lanka. I will miss them. Back to the hotel for another swim and then I walk to the town to visit the Tsunami museum and to see a police boat that was washed about a mile and a half inland in the swell. They are in the process of building a memorial park and wall with the names of the three thousand who lost their lives In Khao Lak. The photos and videos of the event were harrowing. Now there are look out stations all the way along the coast and we were given instructions as to what to do if we hear the alarm. I wander through the night market and then back to the hotel. In my absence there has been a fantastic sunset we decide to go back to the beach for dinner and have a nice meal looking at the sea.77D13AAE2219AC6817A7D6A55461F590.jpg77E1AE5E2219AC681714B2F4ED2D4F16.jpg77EAFDFE2219AC681700ABEFEDC84658.jpg

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